Laguna Danta, Tenorio Volcano Crater             RainForest & Cloudforest

The volcano Tenorio has three different craters and the only one that is possible to hike is the Laguna Danta Crater which is the smaller and the entrance is by the Heliconias Reserve.


This a really nice hike if you want to see different kind of forest we start the hike at 600 amsl where we have the Rainforest and until the 1350 amsl where we have the cloud forest  and on the top there is a Lagoon is called “Tapir Lagoon”. This is a really quiet and peaceful atmosphere that provides incredible biodiversity and maybe the chance to see wildlife like (monkies, Sloth, toucan, white nose coati and many birds and maybe the foot print of the Tapir and the Puma.

The Laguna Danta & Hanging Bridges Tours is good combination of hiking and enjoying the Rainforest and also to do birding a little bite and to learn something about the different plants and animals of the Rainforest.


Tour includes:  Bilingual Guide, Transportation, Refreshments and Entrance fee, walking stick.


What to bring: Hiking shoes, long pants, sunscreen, insect repellent, rain poncho or raincoat and camera.