Tour to do at Bijagua

  • Rio Celeste (Tenorio Volcano National Park) This is one of the Seven natural Wonder that We have in Costa Rica, it is just a 9 km from Bijagua and you can do it with us how you want:

We offer Rio Celeste By

  1. Horse Back Riding.
  2. Mountain Bike Tour.
  3. With transportation

Total of the hike 3 hours (Rio Celeste Waterfall, Blue

Lagoon, The View Point, Borbollones and Teñideros where the two river join and We can see the Magic of the Nature.

  • Horse Back Riding Tours:

This is a real Adventure activity that you can do if you want at the morning or in the afternoon the Tour is around of 3 hours you can discover a beautiful places that only by horse you can go, and enjoy the Beautiful views of the Rural areas combine with the Nature  

  • Mountain Bike Tours.

If you like to pratice Moutain Bike and you    don´t have your bike at Costa Rica,, don´t worry if you are at Bijagua or close We have the Bikes and the road for pratice this sport and with the Local Guides you can have fan and also to discover animald on the way like (Monkies, Sloths, Tucan, frogs and More) and the beautiful views of the Rural Life between two Volcanoes.

  • Rainforest Hanging Bridges Tour.

This tour is perfect if you want to learn and to discover everything from the Rainforest.

This trail is not very visit so it is perfect if you want to hire a Guide and to enjoy about the Primary forest and to know more about Plants, animals, birds, ecosystems, symbiotic relationships and anything that We                                                                                                                            can see from the Canopy.

                                                                                                                      Distance: 2 km

                                                                                                                      Tour Time: 3 hours

Tapir Valley Tour at Tenorio Foothills.

This a autentic and unique experience that you can enjoy around Tenorio Area, to enjoy of the wildlife on real Rainforest and to follow the footprint of the Tapir and to have the chance to see it in the Natural Habitat. The tour is around 2 or 3 hours it is a relax hike but We have to be patience because it can appear in any momment. We can do it in the morning or in the afternoon.

Note: No more than one tour at the momment. 

  • Caño Negro Wildlife Resuge

This is a special tour if you want to enjoy in a Boat tour for around 2 hours, this is a wetland where you can enjoy the Biodiversity of this beautiful ecosystem and you can see (Monkies, Caimans, Cocodriles, Turtles and a lot kind of Birds specially the acuatic birds. Also you enjoy the beautiful views of the Lagoons, you can try to fish with us and to enjoy the Real Rural life of this community




  • Rainfores Night Tour.

The night tour begins at 5:30 just before nightfall when the nocturnal creatures are just beginning to wake up.. really active time. so In addition to flashlight each person can help to the Naturalist Guide to find the beautiful animals that We have like (Insects, Frogs, Spider, Tarantulas, Birds, Snakes and some mamals). Night Tour is a good opportunity to enjoy the forest at night with all the magic sound, to see the light of the fireflies and To learn about the most wildlife Biodiversity of the rain forest.

The tour is around 2 hours wich includes Naturalist Guide, Flashlight, Entrance fees.


Picture (Red eyes Tree frog)